2012 Weekend Archive

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Updated Sept 19, 2012

Colored rows are confirmed/for sure as time draws closer (for example, entry has been sent)
Others are tentative but * these are most likely ones.
Darker rows (mostly moved to bottom of page) are DONE DONE DONE.

Club links: Bay Team - CAT - Contact Point - DART - Haute Dawgs - Heart Dogs - Nunes Agility Field - SMART - Quicksilver - TRACS - VAST - WAG (Elk Grove) - Workin' Paws

Weekend Where What
Because I'm on a Campaign to finish some titles while tika is still healthy, I'm currently planning an insane number of agility weekends. This could change if I go insane instead.
Dec 31, Jan 1 Open
Jan 7,8 Sat a.m: Open
* p.m. BayTeam Party Martinez
Sun: Open
Jan 14,15 Open (14-16 free Nat'l parks)
Jan 21,22 Santa Rosa Sat: *Bay Team USDAA (gone Sat night)
Jan 28,29 Sat: Open Sun a.m. Bay Ridge: Santa Teresa
Sun p.m.: Open
Feb 4,5 Elk Grove *WAG CPE
Feb 11,12 Turlock *VAST USDAA
Feb 18,19 Open
Feb 25,26 Elk Grove *WAG CPE
Mar 3,4 Elk Grove * Haute Dawgs CPE
Mar 10,11 Turlock * VAST CPE
Mar 17,18 Santa Rosa * Bay Team CPE
Mar 24,25 Open
Mar 31,Apr 1 Sat p.m.: ESI party Sun: Open ( not Turlock ASCA)
Apr 5/6/7/8 Dixon * Haute Dawgs USDAA (easter)
Apr 14,15 Open (not doing Elk Grove Fun Paws CPE)
Apr 21,22 Open (21-29 free Nat'l parks)
Apr 28,29 Prunedale *SMART USDAA
May 5,6 Prunedale *Bay Team USDAA
May 12,13 Open (not doing Haute Dawgs CPE)
May 19,20 Turlock UKI; judging Sun (not doing Sat: Bay Ridge Almaden)
May 26,27 open
Jun 2,3 Turlock *NAF USDAA
Jun 9,10 Sat: open (9th free Nat'l parks)Sun: Elkhorn Camera Trip
Jun 16,17 Woodland * TRACS USDAA
Jun 23,24 Sorta open (Sat: Leslie; Sun: Movie)
Jun 30/Jul 1 Prunedale *Bay Team USDAA (score tbl)
Jul 7,8 open
Jul 14,15 Carmel *SMART USDAA (score tbl)
Jul 21,22 San Martin *Bay Team CPE (score tbl)
Jul 28,29 Santa Cruz area *"Dream of the 90s are Alive in Dog Agility Woodstock" - open Sun. afternoon (Not Elk Grove Haute Dawgs CPE)
Aug 4,5 Judging UKI. ( not doing Prunedale ASCA)
Aug 11,12 Mendocino *Vicon--parteeee! (gone fri-sat nites)
Aug 18,19 sat a.m. movieSun a.m. hiking
Aug 25,26 Prunedale *SMART USDAA
Sep 1,2,3 (labor) Prunedale Bayteam USDAA - Did only Sunday morning, otherwise open
Sep 8,9 Anaheim Disneyland!!! (wed-sun)
Sep 15,16 Woodland not doing TRACS USDAA.
Sep 22,23 Sat am: Hiking, p.m. open Sun: open
Sept 29,30 open (29th free Nat'l parks) (not doing USDAA Nationals)
Oct 6,7 Turlock VAST USDAA
Oct 13,14 Dixon doing Haute Dawgs USDAA if they ever get their premium out (not Elk Grove WAG CPE)
Oct 20,21 open
Oct 27,28 open ( not San Martin Bay Team CPE )
Nov 3,4 Davis Seminar UC Davis w/Elizabeth
Nov 10,11 Turlock *NAF USDAA (10-12 free Nat'l parks)
Nov 17,18 open
Nov 22,23,24,25 (thanksg) Elk Grove *23/24: Nosework seminar. (not doing WAG CPE (fri/sat/sun))
Dec 1,2 (pondering: Heart Dog USDAA judges clinic) Sun: open
Dec 8,9 Santa Rosa Probably not doing Bay Team USDAA
Dec 15,16 open
Dec 22,23 open (XMAS!)
Dec 29,30 open