2006 Weekend Archive

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Updated Sep 19, 2012

Colored rows are confirmed/for sure as time draws closer (for example, entry has been sent)
Others are tentative but * these are most likely ones.
Darker rows (mostly moved to bottom of page) are DONE DONE DONE.

Club links: Bay Team - CAT - Contact Point - DART - Haute Dawgs - Heart Dogs - Nunes Agility Field - SMART - Quicksilver - TRACS - VAST - WAG (Elk Grove)

Weekend Where What
Jan 7/8 Elk Grove *WAG CPE
Jan 14/15 San Diego USDAA (but prob not--that's a long drive)
Jan 21/22 around Sat: Home Show & BT mtg/party (not doing HD CPE) Sun: Open
Jan 28/29 Santa Rosa Sat: *Bay Team USDAASun: open
Feb 4/5 Turlock *VAST USDAA (not doing WAG CPE) (gone sat nite)
Feb 11/12/13 Anaheim Disneyland! (not doing Pomona USDAA/GP)
Feb 18/19 Sat: Open except class 11-1ish Sun: Open except photography 9-12?
Feb 25/26 Sat: Open except 4-? party Sun: Open (not doing WAG CPE)
Mar 4/5 Sat: Open except compost wkshp 9-1ish Sun: Open (not doing Filmore USDAA)
Mar 11/12 Turlock VAST CPE
Mar 18/19 Madera CAT USDAA (gone sat nite) (or maybe L.A. DART USDAA)
Mar 25/26 Sunnyvale *Bay Team CPE
Apr 1/2 open (Sat p.m. party)
Apr 8/9 Open
Apr 13,14,15,16 Dixon *TRACS/HD USDAA (GP,st,dam) (gone thurs,fri nite; I think I'll be open Sunday)
Apr 22,23 where? Open (not doing Power Paws camp)
Apr 29,30 Salinas *SMART USDAA/GP
May 6,7 Sunnyvale *Bay Team USDAA
May 13,14 open (not doing Carson City USDAA or Elk Grove HD CPE)
May 20,21 Elk Grove WAG CPE
May 27,28 (mem) Sat/Sun: openMon: BBQ here
Jun 2,3,4 Elk Grove *CPE National Championships (also gone June 1 (Thurs))
Jun 10,11 San Diego USDAA (prob not--long drive)
Jun 17,18 Madera *CAT CPE (not doing NADAC in Elk Grove)
Jun 23,24,25 Turlock *3-day NAF USDAA (prob. doing only sat/sun)
Jul 1,2,3 Elk Grove open
Jul 8,9 Sat: openSun: open day (SJ Rep eve.)
Jul 15,16 Sat: open day (Christyn's BBQ eve.) Sun: open
Jul 22,23 Sunnyvale * Bayteam CPE agility
Jul 29,30 Sat: day: hiking or lunch w/friend; eve. Mt. Hamiltonday:Hiking or lunch w/friend
Aug 5,6 Elk Grove CPE (gone sat nite)
Aug 12,13 (skipping Ventura WVDS USDAA)
Aug 18,19,20 Visalia *Vicon--parteeee! (gone fri-sat nites) (skipping CPE in Carson City)
Aug 26,27 Prunedale *SMART USDAA
Sep 2,3,4 (labor) Sunnyvale *Bayteam USDAA
Sep 9,10 open
Sep 16,17 Turlock *VAST USDAA (gone sat nite)
Sep 23,24 Woodland *TRACS USDAA (gone sat nite)
Sept 30,Oct 1 Elk Grove WAG CPE (prob. not going)
Oct 7, 8 Dixon *HDawgs USDAA/gp? (or Elk Grove CPE) (gone sat nite)
Oct 14,15 Turlock VAST CPE (prob. not going)
Oct 21,22 Madera *CAT USDAA/GP (gone sat nite) or SoCal HappyDogs USDAA
Oct 28,29 Camarillo USDAA (prob. not--unless...hmmm...could take an extra day or 2 and do it on the way to the Nat'ls...)
Nov 1,2,3,4,5 Scottsdale *USDAA Natls (gone Oct 31-6?)
Nov 11,12 open
Nov 18,19 open (not doing L.A. DART USDAA)
Nov 24,25,26 (thanksg) open (not doing WAG CPE or Moorpark HD USDAA/gp/stp because of knee)
Dec 2,3 open
Dec 9,10 open (not doing Power Paws Winter Camp because of knee)
Dec 16,17 open
Dec 23,24 open--oh, wait, that's xmas
Dec 30/31 open
Jan 6/7 Open(not doing Elk Grove WAG CPE-)
Jan 13/14 Sat eve.: BTm mtg/party (not doing San Diego USDAA)Sun: Open
Jan 20/21 Open (not doing Elk GroveHaute Dawgs CPE)
Jan 27/28 Santa Rosa *Bay Team USDAA
Feb 3/4 Turlock *VAST USDAA (or Elk Grove WAG CPE) (gone sat nite)
Feb 10/11 Sat: Open Sun a.m. w friends; dinner w/parents
Feb 17/18 Sat: Booked? a.m. Photos, mid-afternoon lilac?, p.m. dinner w/friends. Sun. a.m. movies. Sun later: Open
Feb 24/25 Elk Grove Sat:WAG CPE (not Pomona USDAA)Sun: Open
Mar 3/4 Sat: Open (not Fillmore ContactPt USDAA)Sun: a.m. hiking, afternoon:party
Mar 10/11 Turlock VAST CPE
Mar 17/18 Madera *CAT USDAA (gone sat nite) (or maybe L.A. DART USDAA)
Mar 24/25 Sunnyvale *Bay Team CPE
Mar 31/Apr 1 Sat: a.m. open (not doing Hollister PASA ASCA); p.m. company partySun: open
Apr 7/8 San Jose Sat 10-2: weaves seminarSun: Open
Apr 12,13,14,15 Dixon *TRACS/HD USDAA (GP,st,dam) (gone (maybe thurs),fri,sat nite; I think I'll be open Sunday)
Apr 19,20,21,22 Pleasanton Power Paws agility camp
Apr 28,29 Prunedale *SMART USDAA
May 5,6 Petaluma *Bay Team USDAA
May 12,13 Sat: a.m. Berryesse art/wine; open Sun: Mom's day open
(not doing Carson City Quicksilver USDAA or Elk Grove HD CPE)
May 19,20 local Sat: 8:30-12, Great American Litter Pick-up); 7pm Katie playSun: 1:00 party Rdwd City
(not doing Elk Grove WAG CPE)
(Cmpb Bayou art/wine 11-6; Mt View art/wine;
Los Altos art/wine 10-5:30)
May 26,27,28 (mem) open (not doing Moorpark Happy Dogs USDAA)
(BayCon all wkend; Mgn Hill Mushroom fest sat/sun, 10-6)