2004 Weekend Archive

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Updated Sep 19, 2012

Colored rows are confirmed/for sure as time draws closer (for example, entry has been sent)
Others are tentative but * these are most likely ones.
Darker rows (mostly moved to bottom of page) are DONE DONE DONE.

Club links: Bay Team - CAT - Contact Point - DART - Haute Dawgs - Heart Dogs - Nunes Agility Field - SMART - Quicksilver - TRACS - VAST - WAG (Elk Grove)

Weekend Where What
Oct 1/ 2 Sat: open (not doing Elk Grove CPE) Sun: Company picnic 12-5 pm
Oct 8/ 9 Dixon *HDawgs USDAA/gp? (not doing Elk Grove CPE) (gone sat nite)
Oct 15/16 Madera *CAT USDAA/GP (gone sat nite)
Oct 23/24 Turlock VAST CPE (gone Sat nite)
Oct 30/31 sort of open (not doing Camarillo USDAA or Elk Grove fun match); busy Sat aft/eve; busy Sun aft.
Nov 6/ 7/ 8 Yosemite Photography trip (gone Sat/Sun nites)
Nov 9-15 Scottsdale, AZ USDAA Nat'l championships (gone Tues-Mon); competition Nov 11-14
Nov 20/21 open
Nov 25/28 (turk) elkgrove Thurs: Thksgvg dinner here; Fri/sat: WAG CPE (gone fri nite)open Sun
Dec 4/ 5 open (NOT doing CAT NADAC in Madera)
Dec 11/12 L.A.? open (not doing DART USDAAin L.A.)
Dec 18/19 L.A.? open (not doing Happydog USDAA in L.A.)
Dec 25/26 (xmas) reserved for xmas