2007 Weekend Archive

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Updated Sep 19, 2012

Colored rows are confirmed/for sure as time draws closer (for example, entry has been sent)
Others are tentative but * these are most likely ones.
Darker rows (mostly moved to bottom of page) are DONE DONE DONE.

Club links: Bay Team - CAT - Contact Point - DART - Haute Dawgs - Heart Dogs - Nunes Agility Field - SMART - Quicksilver - TRACS - VAST - WAG (Elk Grove)

Weekend Where What
2007 NOTE: Help! I'm being held prisoner in an agility jones!
Jan 6/7 Open(not doing Elk Grove WAG CPE-)
Jan 13/14 Sat eve.: BTm mtg/party (not doing San Diego USDAA)Sun: Open
Jan 20/21 Open (not doing Elk GroveHaute Dawgs CPE)
Jan 27/28 Santa Rosa *Bay Team USDAA
Feb 3/4 Turlock *VAST USDAA (or Elk Grove WAG CPE) (gone sat nite)
Feb 10/11 Sat: Open Sun a.m. w friends; dinner w/parents
Feb 17/18 Sat: Booked? a.m. Photos, mid-afternoon lilac?, p.m. dinner w/friends. Sun. a.m. movies. Sun later: Open
Feb 24/25 Elk Grove Sat:WAG CPE (not Pomona USDAA)Sun: Open
Mar 3/4 Sat: Open (not Fillmore ContactPt USDAA)Sun: a.m. hiking, afternoon:party
Mar 10/11 Turlock VAST CPE
Mar 17/18 Madera *CAT USDAA (gone sat nite) (or maybe L.A. DART USDAA)
Mar 24/25 Sunnyvale *Bay Team CPE
Mar 31/Apr 1 Sat: a.m. open (not doing Hollister PASA ASCA); p.m. company partySun: open
Apr 7/8 San Jose Sat 10-2: weaves seminarSun: Open
Apr 12,13,14,15 Dixon *TRACS/HD USDAA (GP,st,dam) (gone (maybe thurs),fri,sat nite; I think I'll be open Sunday)
Apr 19,20,21,22 Pleasanton Power Paws agility camp
Apr 28,29 Prunedale *SMART USDAA
May 5,6 Petaluma *Bay Team USDAA
May 12,13 Sat: a.m. Berryesse art/wine; open Sun: Mom's day open
(not doing Carson City Quicksilver USDAA or Elk Grove HD CPE)
May 19,20 local Sat: 8:30-12, Great American Litter Pick-up); 7pm Katie playSun: 1:00 party Rdwd City
(not doing Elk Grove WAG CPE)
(Cmpb Bayou art/wine 11-6; Mt View art/wine;
Los Altos art/wine 10-5:30)
May 26,27,28 (mem) open (not doing Moorpark Happy Dogs USDAA)
(BayCon all wkend; Mgn Hill Mushroom fest sat/sun, 10-6)
Jun 2,3 Turlock *NAF USDAA (not doing Madera CAT CPE)
Jun 9,10 Sat: Preparation; Sunday: Party here! Blackberries! (I emailed invites but some seem to have been spam filtered so I hope everyone got them...)
Jun 16,17 Sat: Highland Games 9-5
(Antioch: BBQ 2-?)
Sun: Hiking
(not doing Vallejo Pirate Festival?)
Jun 23,24 Palo Alto Sat: AB 1634 forum 10:00, Bay Team mtg 12:15.
Later: Open
Sun: Open (movie a.m.?)
(now thru July 8, Alameda Cnty Fair)
Jun 30/Jul 1 Moss Landing Sat: MBARI open house
(Missing: Shower 1p.m.)
Jul 7,8 Sat: openSun: Fun match in Hollister (a.m.); p.m open
Jul 14,15 San Jose Sat: BBQ 2 p.m. (can't make American Canyon 4p.m. BBQ)Sun:open (movie a.m.?)
Jul 21,22 Petaluma * Bayteam CPE agility (not doing City of Industry USDAA)
Jul 28,29 Open (not doing Moorpark Happy Dogs USDAA (team) )
(maybe Gilroy Garlic Festival fri-sun)
Aug 4,5 Hollister PASA ASCA (Meant to do: Elk Grove WAG CPE but didn't get premium in at the beginning and (confound those limited entries) the show filled!)
Aug 11,12 open (probably not Ventura WVDS USDAA)
(10th-19th San Mateo Cnty Fair); Sun a.m. movie?
Aug 17,18,19 Visalia *Vicon--parteeee! (gone fri-sat nites) (skipping CPE in Carson City)
Aug 25,26 Prunedale *SMART USDAA
Sep 1,2,3 (labor) Sunnyvale *Bayteam USDAA
Sep 8,9 open
(Mt View art/wine 10-6)
Sep 15,16 open (NOT DOING: *VAST USDAA Turlock )
Sep 22,23 Woodland *TRACS USDAA (gone sat nite)
Sept 29,30 open
Oct 6,7 Dixon *HDawgs USDAA (or Elk Grove WAG CPE)
Oct 13,14 open
Oct 20,21 Madera *CAT USDAA (gone sat nite)
Oct 27,28 open (probably not Camarillo USDAA)
Oct 31,Nov 1,2,3 Scottsdale *USDAA Natls (gone Oct 30-5?)
Nov 10,11 Sat a.m.: Movie; later, open Sun: Herding instinct text, vacaville--home midafternoon? Evening: open
Nov 17,18 open (not doing Turlock NAF USDAA or Irwindale DART USDAA)
Nov 23,24,25 (thanksg) Elk Grove *WAG CPE (not doing Moorpark HD USDAA/gp/stp)
Dec 1,2 open
Dec 8,9 open (not doing Moorpark Happy Dogs USDAA)
Dec 15,16 The Happiest Place on Earth Disneyland! Wooo! (not doing Santa Rosa Bay Team USDAA)
Dec 22,23 open--oh, wait, that's xmas
Dec 29,30 open