2010 Weekend Archive

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Updated Sep 19, 2012

Colored rows are confirmed/for sure as time draws closer (for example, entry has been sent)
Others are tentative but * these are most likely ones.
Darker rows (mostly moved to bottom of page) are DONE DONE DONE.

Club links: Bay Team - CAT - Contact Point - DART - Haute Dawgs - Heart Dogs - Nunes Agility Field - SMART - Quicksilver - TRACS - VAST - WAG (Elk Grove)

Weekend Where What
Jan 2,3 Truckee hiking
Jan 9,10 Ben Lomond Sat: Bay Team meeting/partyOpen (not Elk Grove CPE)
Jan 16,17 Open
Jan 23,24 Santa Rosa Sat: *Bay Team USDAA (gone Sat night)Open except baby shower afternoon (not Haute Dawgs CPE)
Jan 30,31 Sat: OpenSun 8-1: UKI match, Fremont
afternoon: Open
Feb 6,7 Elk Grove maybe-- CPE (gone sat nite) OR maybe sunday morning only, UKI match Ben Lomond
Feb 13,14 Turlock *VAST USDAA
Feb 20,21 Open (probably not doing San Martin ASCA)
Feb 26,27,28 Elk Grove maybe-- 3-day WAG CPE
Mar 6,7 didn't do Haute Dawgs CPE
Mar 13,14 didn't do Turlock VAST CPE
Mar 20,21 didn't do Santa Rosa Bay Team CPE
Mar 27,28 Open
Apr 3,4 Open (not doing Turlock ASCA)
Apr 10,11 Open
Apr 15,16,17,18 Dixon *HauteTRACS USDAA (GP,st,dam)
Apr 24,25 Prunedale *SMART USDAA
May 1,2 Prunedale *Bay Team USDAA
May 8,9 sort of open--L/P new house work
May 15,16 open (not doing Haute Dawgs CPE)
May 22,23 open (not doing WAG CPE)
May 29,30,31 Arizona *Wedding
Jun 5,6 Arizona *vacation (not doing Turlock NAF USDAA)
Jun 12, 13 Open (not doing NAF Turlock UKI)
Jun 19,20 Sat: Open (not really; prepping for party)Sun: Movie a.m., Sorbet party 3pm
Jun 26,27 Sat: OpenSun: Bay Team fun day, Hollister
Jul 2,3,4 Prunedale *Bay Team USDAA
Jul 10,11 open
Jul 17,18 Carmel *SMART USDAA
Jul 24,25 Palo Alto *Bay Team CPE
Jul 31,Aug 1 probably not Prunedale PASA ASCA or Elk Grove WAG CPE
Aug 7,8 Visalia *Vicon--parteeee! (gone fri-sat nites) (not Bay Team fun match petaluma (Sun), not WAG Elk Grove CPE)
Aug 14,15 Sat: Friend's ice cream socialSun: open
Aug 21,22 Sat: open Sun: a.m.: open ;
MS agility yard party 3-8ish
Aug 28,29 Prunedale *SMART USDAA
Sep 4,5,6 (labor) Prunedale *Bayteam USDAA ( gone sat/sun nights)
Sep 11,12 Turlock *VAST USDAA Turlock
Sep 18,19 open (not doing Woodland TRACS USDAA)
Sep 24,26 Hollister USDAA Course Design/Judging clinic
Oct 2,3 Sat: MROSD trail restoration(not doing Turlock NAF UKI)Sun: open
Oct 9,10 Dixon *Haute Dawgs USDAA (not Elk Grove WAG CPE)
Oct 16,17 open (not doing USDAA Nationals in Kentucky or VAST CPE in Turlock)
Oct 23,24 open (not doing Elk Grove Fun Paws CPE)
Oct 30,31 open (not doing Power Paws camp Turlock)
Nov 6,7 open ( Bay Team CPE cancelled!)
Nov 13,14 Turlock *NAF USDAA
Nov 20,21 open
Nov 26,27,28 (thanksg) open (not doing Elk Grove WAG CPE)
Dec 4,5 open (Maybe Flea market Sat a.m.? )
Dec 11,12 open (Not doing Santa Rosa Bay Team USDAA)
Dec 18,19 Sat a.m. open
Sat p.m. SMART party
Sun: open
Dec 25,26 open (XMAS!)