Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Scribe Sheet Party

SUMMARY: How many scribe sheets for 5,180 runs?

There they are: 5,180 unstickered scribe sheets.

Last night I went over to the home of this weekend's show secretary--friend Karey--to help put stickers on scribe sheets. We were at it for nearly 5 hours (minus time for futzing with the printer, futzing with the computer, futzing with the dogs, eating dinner, getting a snack, correcting our mistakes--). I finally left because I was starting to make silly errors from fatigue. We were probably 3/4 done at that point. Let this be a lesson to you (choose one):
  • Don't put on a 4-day, 4-ring major USDAA trial.
  • Or, at least, don't offer to be secretary for such a trial.
  • Or, at least, don't be friends with the secretary for that trial.
  • Or, if that fails, don't answer your email for at least a month before the trial.
  • Or, if that fails, feign a sudden onset of Tourette Syndrome and claim disability.
  • Or, if that fails, help out your friend who is worn out and sick, and get a good night's sleep before heading over to help assemble scribe sheets. But all is not lost: your practice for feigning Tourette's will come in handy when you discover that you've just put the last 40 Gamblers stickers on Jumpers scribe sheets.
Well--that's all OK, really because how often do you have an excuse to sit and chat about life, dogs, the universe, and everything for 5 hours?

And the best part is: We get to do it all again for our Labor Day 3-day Regional! Wooohoooo!

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