Saturday, December 26, 2009

Photos of Holidays Past and Present

SUMMARY: Those were the days, my friend--and so are these.



(The one in the middle here is on the left in the preceding photo.)

1966 - Sam still puppyish

(Me in long blonde hair. Dad in blue plaid shirt.)

1978 - Amber comes home

(Me in long blonde hair.)

1983 - Sheba and Amber

2001 - A rare three-dog Christmas (Jake, Tika, Remington)

2009 - The Merle Girls


(Mom in green, Dad in back.)


(Mom in white, Dad in blue plaid shirt (some things NEVER change!). And these are the sisters and the cousins and they number up by dozens and the aunts!)

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At 6:44 AM, December 27, 2009 , Blogger Dawn said...

You have FOUR sisters! How cool!!!
And what a great family shot! So glad you all got there this year! Happy New Year Ellen!

At 7:56 AM, December 27, 2009 , Blogger Nat said...

Such cheerful family photos, Happy New Year!


At 8:12 AM, December 27, 2009 , Anonymous vici whisner said...

Thanks for sharing. Brings back so many memories.


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