Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Favorite Dog Lyrics

SUMMARY: Songs I like to sing to my dogs.

Through the years, I've found myself singing to my dogs, and although they seem unimpressed, I'm surprised at how many top-ten hits are actually dog related. Some snippits:
  • "Smellin' Something Good" by Shake-a Khan
    (smell it, smell it, smell it)...smell it like ya love it-- - Original lyrics
  • "Dogs Just Want To Play Tug" by Cyndi Leaper
    Even better than eating a bug, ohh, dogs just wanna play tu-ug, yes, dogs just want to play tug - Original lyrics
  • "Dirty Dogs" by AKC/DC
    Dirty dogs and I've done their feet-- (For when wiping off muddy-footed canines) - Original lyrics
Surely you know some others?

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At 12:07 PM, May 30, 2007 , Blogger Elayne said...

'Master of Puppies' by Muttallica

'Setter to Memphis' by the Mixies

'Toy Crazy' by New Hound Glory

Darn it, must get back to work or I'll do this all day.


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