Ellen's Cambria Photo Trip Photos

All rolls unedited, unsorted. Everything on 400-speed print film.

NOTE: When you get to each index page, click on the first photo to enter a manually operated slide-show format.

Sept Roll #2 My preCambrian period. All on automatic speed/aperature.
Sept Roll #3 My preCambrian period. All on automatic speed/aperature.
Sept Roll #4 After we go up on the roof and argue about whether our exposure meters are [messed up], almost everything is manual speed/aperature. My shots at NitWit Ridge are very rushed--can see several with the wrong exposure. OK, I actually used flash on at least one indoors photo.
Sept Roll #5 None of these look good, I think. They look even worse in print. I was trying to get some interesting waves--I don't think they're all that interesting, especially with the rocks in the background so faded out.
Sept Roll #6 More that look even worse in print.
Sept Roll #7 Experimenting with depth of field, mostly.
Sept Roll #8

Misc stuff.
#1 and #2 at shallow & deep depths of fields with the church the focal point. I don't see any difference in the wall in front.
#6 at about a 3.5 aperature, which C. thought would make the cross in the background so blurry as to be unrecognizable. So I bumped it up to 11 or 16 or something for #8. I can't tell the difference.
Photos of dogs are all on flash.

Sept Roll #9 Tried some indoor dog photos w/out flash. Clearly I misread or ignored some setting somewhere--you can sure tell which ones they are--
Then I tried about a dozen shots of a single item (fuchsia container) from different angles, exposures, depths of field as an exercise. Hmm.

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