Remington's Cancer (Hemangiosarcoma) Looking Back from the Future

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It's now 2012. Remington died over 9 years ago, and mostly I remember the good times we had. But I can still remember the punch to the gut when his diagnosis and prognosis were given to me almost 10 years ago, not to mention the agony of wondering whether his treatment would help, and the grief at his loss. Those memories dim gradually, and it helps that I've had other wonderful dogs since then.

In the few years after he died, I received many emails from people who found these pages after their own dogs were diagnosed with or died from hemangiosarcoma, and found some comfort or some information here that helped them. Not long ago, another friend posted in her blog about splenic tumors in dogs, and the comments section of that blog has recently become a busy forum of people in similar circumstances today. I posted and commented for a while, but it is hard--there are so many dogs and there is so little that can be done.

Here are a few of my thoughts and comments from the last year while responding to many of those people and looking back through 10 years of my own research and reading and the experiences that too many of my friends and others have had with this awful cancer. [Unedited here--pasted mostly as is.]

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