Trying To Get DunCharris' Big dog-Little Dog Photo / IMG013biglittleFX
Ellen Finch

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A little judicious photoshopping (all of the preceding photos were cropped, somewhat color adjusted, adjusted for contrast, and sometimes rotated a bit to straighten the horizon)--

I had to get rid of my shadow and the owners' shadows. I thought about trying to crop out the trees and hill in the background, but decided good enough was good enough.

This didn't turn out too horribly, but with Sparkle both sitting and looking away, it's not a great photo.

IMG011biglittleFX IMG013biglittleFX

Someone liked it well enough to nominate it for one of Wikipedia's Featured pictures. But the review comments were interesting:

  • I think [it should] add a human being ... to help establish a frame of reference.
  • The problem ... is the tone of the background hill merges with the great dane's coat and the outline of the chihuahua is not so well defined (lost in the grass?).
  • Looking at User:Elf's other dog pics, I notice they work a lot better when the dogs don't have leads and look towards the camera (that can't be easy though).
  • Kudos for avoiding the photographer's shadow
  • The trees seem to grow from the Great Dane's back. (To which this explanation was added: "They are. Remember, this is a BIG dog, large enough to support a minor ecosysytem.")
  • Picture quality and pose are poor. (Should be Chihuahua vs. Irish Wolfhound, anyway)