Trying To Get DunCharris' Big dog-Little Dog Photo / FH000008fx
Ellen Finch

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My plan does not go well. We get the dogs out to the field with just grass and a fence and some weeds behind them.

But when the Dan'es mom tries to position him, he moves forward. When he does, little Sparkle runs off. When Sparkle changes her mind and runs toward the Dane, the Dane backs off and goes to hide behind mom. All so fast that I can't even get a shot off.

I redirect the dogs into position, and the people move in behind them or next to them to move them, and I direct the people out of the way, then the dogs move, then I reposition myself to try to keep the light and shadows OK, then the dogs move, then the people move into the frame, then I move, then the people move out of the frame, and the dogs move...

This shot is after about 5 minutes of maneuvering. We finally have the Dane in a semblance of a stand-stay with Sparkle bouncing around him.

But now I have trees behind them when I'm down at the dogs' level, and I know it. Oh, well, just shoot and hope for the best. But I notice that the Dane's head's shadow is falling on his body and the owners' shadows are getting into the picture, so that angle isn't good. Time to reposition the dogs. Again.