Sheba the Wonder Husky

Adopted from the Santa Clara County Humane Society, August, 1981, age about 1 year.

[Sheba and Puppies]
Sheba and puppies, October 1981.
[Sheba's bath]
We hates getting baths, we does. Feb. 1982.
[Sheba relaxes]
A favorite relaxation spot. August 1982.
[Sheba's face]
The husky face. May 1983.
Sheba loves to be around people. She would probably be happiest in a home where someone was at home most of the time.
Sheba is astonishingly gentle. We have never heard her growl at any person at any time. When she rough-houses, she seldom opens her mouth, and even when she places her mouth on an arm, you'd never guess there were teeth in the mouth. She will curl up and sleep next to a sleeping child. She isn't afraid of anyone, which means no one has ever been able to frighten her into growling or snapping or biting. She's always willing to snuggle and lick your face.
Sheba is a hunter, much like a cat would be. She would not be good in a house with pet birds, hamsters, or small kittens.
Sheba is housetrained. She has spent most of her time indoors, unsupervised, while her family was at work all day. She sometimes causes damage to windows, doors, or floors next to doors when she is left alone for long periods and tries to get out.
Sheba is very quiet. She virtually never barks. When she wants to communicate, her voice is more like a singing voice.
Sheba is astonishingly healthy and fit. She has never been sick or injured. She has never been to the vet's except for her shots. She had one litter of puppies when we first got her, and got through it with no difficulties. She doesn't have any allergies or other inherited problems.
Sheba has been spayed.
Sheba loves to go for walks, and her tail will curl in a delighted loop. She's guaranteed to outlast the person taking her for a walk.
Sheba is an escaper. Again, when left alone for long periods of time, she will slip collars or harnesses off, leaving any tie-downs behind, and go either under, through, or over any fences (our fences were nearly 6 feet).
Sheba has not been through obedience training, but she knows what sit means, and she knows she's supposed to sit and wait while her dinner bowl is being filled.
We have fed her mostly on dry dog food, with treats of canned dog food or table scraps from time to time.
Description written in 1991; Sheba 11 years old.
[Sheba and bone] [Sheba at 16]
Escaped a final time to the Great Milkbone in the Sky, May 1997.
Happy tail. May 1984. Sheba at 16 in 1996.

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